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3 Signs Your Home Needs Urgent Electrical Repairs

Your electrical system is easily one of the most important components of your Memphis home. Whether you realize it or not, you and your family rely on your electrical system to continue functioning safely and effectively in order to enjoy all of the comfort, safety, and convenience that your home has to offer. ...(read more)

3 Electrical Safety Tips For Fall

With fall finally here, most homeowners are taking a bit of time to enjoy the many different aspects that make this season such a great time of year. With so much to do this fall, it can be easy to forget about some of the other aspects of your home that could benefit from some attention, and your electrical system is chief among them. ...(read more)

Cabinet Lighting Options for Your Oakland Home

Having sufficient lighting in your kitchen is essential to ensure safety during cooking and precision during administrative and craft projects on the countertops. Many Oakland homeowners hire an electrician to install various types of cabinet lighting so that their kitchens are illuminated adequately and have the desired atmosphere required for enjoyable cooking, dining, and entertaining ...(read more)

3 Great Reasons To Start The Fall With An Electrical Panel Upgrade

When it really comes down to it, your electrical panel is like the beating heart of your home. It supplies all of the various rooms of your home with the right amount of power needed to run all of your appliances and other electronic devices, but if your panel is a bit on the older side, or has just seen better days, it might not be performing this function as efficiently or effectively as it should be ...(read more)

Enhance Your Home This Summer With These 3 Electrical Upgrades

With the home improvement season finally upon us, most homeowners have focused their home improvement efforts on the exteriors of their home for the time being, but just because the weather is nice outside doesn't mean that you should forget about all of the other essential components inside your home that provide you and your family ...(read more)

The Best Surge Protection For Fayette County

Surge Protection systems are made for whole home or commercial business use. They are far better than any portable surge protector you could purchase and install yourself. These systems keep all your electrical appliances and equipment safe as well as any electrical wiring or components supplying the power, and they keep working even after they have handled a surge -not like many portable, plugin surge protectors....(read more)

4 Reasons To Install A Standby Generator For Your Home This Winter

Living here in Memphis, we are used to our share of winter storms, and many of us are familiar with how miserable it can be to have to go without power in the aftermath of a severe winter storm. Whatever the case may be, having a standby generator installed for you....(read more)

Why Electrical Maintenance is Important to Commercial Properties

Electricity is an integral part of almost everything we do in the modern world, so electrical systems are extremely important to businesses and commercial properties.....(read more)

Options In Memphis Cabinet Lighting

If you want to make your Memphis kitchen really functional and beautiful after dark, under cabinet lighting is the way to go. Placing options in cabinet lighting in your kitchen gives you the aesthetic charm and ambiance that only light can give....(read more)

Hiring a Professional Electrician for a Commercial New Construction Project

Your electrical system will need to be totally reliable from the very start, and you won't want to hire another electrician for repairs shortly after the construction is completed. Your electrician should also be able to guarantee that they'll be able to get the work done within your time frame and your budget....(read more)

The Importance of Electricians

Ever since Benjamin Franklin went outside with his kite during a thunderstorm, electricity has ruled the world. All you have to do to understand this is to remember what it was like the last time your power went out for an evening. Nothing worked. No computer, no refrigerator and ...(read more)

Ten Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill

One of the major concerns in the world today is depletion of energy. As concerned citizens all of us must make a concerted effort to be conscious citizens and save electricity. Electricity has become integral to life but imagine having to live without power...(read more)

Save Money With Ceiling Fans

A common misunderstanding among Memphis homeowners is that ceiling fans actually reduce the temperature in a room and allow lower air conditioning settings as a way to save on electricity costs. In reality, in the summer a ceiling fan with blades rotating counter-clockwise creates ...(read more)

Why a Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers trip for one of two reasons, a short circuit or an overloaded circuit. A short circuit being the simplest to explain and the hardest to repair and an overloaded circuit being...(read more)

How to Find a Local Memphis Electrician

Too often people are too focused on getting the job done fast at a low price while skipping on quality or checking up on a service provider...(read more)

Electrical Safety Tips In Memphis

Among the things that we do know about electricity is that faulty electrical system is almost always the cause of fire and injuries whether in commercial or residential infrastructures...(read more)

When Do You Need an Memphis Electrician?

Just what do you need an Memphis electrician for? Well, most people think that you only need an electrician when you are constructing a new home, but this is simply not the case...(read more)

Green Living Through LED Home Lighting

More and more home, apartment and office owners are looking for ways to go green. The benefits not only improve the quality of our environment, but they also make for significant tax deductions at the end of the year. As energy efficiency is becoming more prevalent in...[read more]

9 Tips For How To Live Green On A Budget

Living green is a great aim. But if you're not a millionaire, the usual question is how to live green on a budget? [read more]


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