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There are two types of circuit interrupter that your Shelby County electrical contractor works on. They are the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. These interrupters are for your protection and for your home.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) is a safety feature that should be installed in your RV and checked regularly. You can tell if you have a GFCI system in your RV by the special A/C outlet that is used. Between the two plugs on the outlet will be two buttons; one marked RESET and one marked TEST. GFCI outlets work by sensing the large current draw that would result from an electrical short to ground and tripping the built-in breaker. You should test the system at least monthly by pressing the TEST button. If the system is functioning the RESET button will immediately pop out. If it does, press it back in and feel safe. If it does not, stop using the electrical system until you have a qualified Shelby County electrician look at it.

Although this fire protection device isn't common knowledge to most homeowners, an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) can save lives and property by preventing arc flashes. An arc flash occurs when an electrical current jumps between two conductors. A fire protection device like an AFCI is often installed on newer homes, so it is likelier for older homes to catch fire. Sometimes, a surge protector isn't capable of preventing arc flashes and fires still occur. The AFCI is easily installed by a licensed electrician and will replace the common circuit breakers in the electrical panel box. Installing the proper fire protection device in an older home can mean the difference between life and death, as a large majority of fires begin in bedrooms. Many electricians and insurance companies agree that an AFCI is the best defense against electrical household fires.

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