Whole House Surge Protection

surge protection voltage surgesIf you have a lot of electrical/electronic equipment in your Memphis home, then you have to realize that the major potential and actual; fire risk this poses and such equipment is exceptionally fragile, meaning they are especially susceptible to a fluctuation in the power supply.

One of any effective way of preventing such incidents is by using a Memphis surge protector. A typical surge protector works by means of controlling the voltage that is supplied to an electrical device or appliance, by reducing or blocking such voltage. As a side note, though an area of some importance is that people tend to confuse a surge protector and a power strip, a power strip does not provide any of the protections offered by a surge protector.

All surge protectors have a specified response time, this means the period of time in which the surge protector does not stabilize the voltage levels, obviously, the higher the response time then the greater the risk to the appliance in question. Also be on the lookout for the value in joules, this is a reflection of the amount of voltage that can be safely absorbed by the protector, before it fails, obviously the higher the number then the greater the degree of protection that is on offer.

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