Options In Memphis Cabinet Lighting

Memphis cabinet Lighting

If you want to make your Memphis kitchen really functional and beautiful after dark, under cabinet lighting is the way to go. Placing options in cabinet lighting in your kitchen gives you the aesthetic charm and ambiance that only light can give.

Serving yourself a snack or drink after dark doesn't have to mean constantly turning on overhead kitchen lights. Cabinet lighting can help you with kitchen safety after dark instead.

There are many reasons to install lighting for your Memphis cabinets. But what are the options available?

Cabinet Lighting Options include:

  • - Strip Lights
  • - Tape Lights
  • - LED Puck Lights
  • - LED Light Bars
  • - Rope Lights
  • - Light Bars With Additional Outlet
  • - Ambiance (Mood) Lighting

Bulb Types:

  • - Halogen
  • - Fluorescent
  • - Incandescent
  • - Xenon
  • - LED

Why Choose Hardwired Cabinet Lighting?

With hardwired cabinet lighting, you don't have to use up the valuable outlets you need for other appliances in your kitchen.

You also have more opportunity for add on features that many cabinet lighting options come with. You can add on docking stations, tablet cradles, additional hidden outlets, speakers, and more. Call Above and Beyond Plumbing & Electric Company, Inc. today for more information.

Plus, you never have to deal with changing batteries for those that require them to run.

Cabinet Lighting For Night Lighting

Do you or your little ones have a tendency to get a drink or snack after the house has gone quiet for the night? If so, cabinet lighting in the kitchen area makes for great night lighting.

Going with low voltage cabinet lights allow you to quit worrying about leaving lights on where needed after dark. They are great for convenient usage and safety concerns during the wee hours of the night.

Motion Sensor Cabinet Lighting

Motion sensor cabinet lights are great for areas of the kitchen where you may need light only in certain areas but want them to turn off when you are not nearby.

They can be adjusted for duration and direction for full control. And, many options offer you remote control cabinet lights with motion sensor technology.

Which Cabinet Lighting Options To Choose?

The material and color of your countertops are important when choosing your cabinet lights. Lighter colored countertops will reflect more light. And, materials like granite or other glossy surfaces will reflect more light.

This can cause a glare unless you choose a light fixture that has a lens in order to soften the light.

Darker or matte countertops can support higher lumens from cabinet light fixtures. It's always best to discuss what cabinet lighting options will work best in your home with your Memphis electrician.

If you would like more information about Memphis Cabinet Lighting, please call Above and Beyond Plumbing & Electric Company, Inc. at 901-266-4630 or complete ouronline request form.


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