Cabinet Lighting Options for Your Oakland Home

Oakland Cabinet LightingHaving sufficient lighting in your kitchen is essential to ensure safety during cooking and precision during administrative and craft projects on the countertops. Many Oakland homeowners hire an electrician to install various types of cabinet lighting so that their kitchens are illuminated adequately and have the desired atmosphere required for enjoyable cooking, dining, and entertaining.

If you’re seeking assistance from a skilled electrician, contact Above and Beyond Electric to discuss cabinet lighting for your Oakland home. Our electrical service professionals will make sure that you select cabinet lighting that meets your requirements and addresses your concerns. Although homeowners can install cabinet lighting themselves, working with an experienced electrician is recommended to ensure proper installation.

Consider These Lighting Types for Your Cabinets

  • Under-Cabinet Lighting – Your electrician might recommend installing under-cabinet lighting if you want to add task lighting or accent lighting that illuminates countertops and makes your kitchen more functional. Take a look at battery-operated lights as well as lights that plug into power outlets, and consider under-cabinet lighting with motion sensors.
  • LED Lighting – Many homeowners choose LED lights for their cabinet lighting because they’re energy efficient and long-lasting. LED lighting stays cool to the touch, and it has a low profile. You can choose from a wide variety of LED lighting colors as well.
  • Rope, Strip & Tape Lighting – Your electrician can install rope, strip, and tape lighting along the length of your cabinets. This type of lighting pairs well with overhead lighting to provide an additional light source. These lights are typically purchased in white, but other colors are available.
  • Puck Lights – Puck lighting works well in small, cramped spaces where rope lighting might not be appropriate. Puck lights can also be used to brighten decorative elements on top of and in cabinets.

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