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A modern Eads County home luxury is having the installation of lighting control systems that can be programmed to dim the lights, lower the shades, and turn on the TV. Or, you can light a path from your bedroom to the kitchen for that midnight cookie run. This is possible with home automation and all with the press of one button. These systems allow for the homeowner to turn all the lights on or off in the house from the push of a button from any keypad. Or, it will allow the homeowner to setup lighting scenes, one dimmer turns on at a preset light level while a second and/or third turns on at a different preset light level(s). No more adjusting multiple dimmers to get the lighting effect you want, just one button will do it for you.

At Above and Beyond Electric, we are specialists in home automation, as well as, multiple other electrical services, and we are one company that differentiates our selves from the competition

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"The service from Above & Beyond has been so outstanding that I use them for both my personal and business needs. They truly live up to their name! Thanks."

-Mr. Brown Eads County, TN | Rated: 5/5

Eads County, TN

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