Bathroom Remodeling & Upgrades in Memphis, TN

bathroom upgrades MemphisBesides making you more comfortable in your home, remodeling your bathroom has many other benefits:

  • Increased home value – updated and lavish bathrooms are a great selling feature.
  • Water conserving fixtures increase efficiency and decrease your utility bills.
  • Better functioning bathroom fixtures.
  • More aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.


  • Tubs & Showers
  • Steam Showers
  • Massage Shower heads
  • Freestanding Tubs
  • Bluetooth shower heads
  • Soaking Tub
  • Whirlpool & Air tubs


  • Vast range of styles and options


  • Unique and distinctive faucets
  • Attractive and Functional
  • Touch-free faucets


  • Heated seats
  • Bidet toilets
  • Water saver toilets
  • Comfort Height Toilets

Bathtub & Shower Repairs in Memphis, TN

  • Does the shower or sink in your bathroom leak when not in use?
  • Is your bathtub not draining properly?
  • Is your toilet running? Let us go catch it!
  • We know how annoying it can be when the fixtures in your bathroom don’t work right.
  • Schedule your service today!

    If you are looking for a Fixture Installation professional in Memphis, please call us today at 901-266-4630, or complete our online request form.


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